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Residential estate «Smart Plaza»

Residential estate «Smart Plaza»

Smart Plaza represents on Kyiv market a new format of multifunctional residential complex created in accordance with modern trends in the world of urban architecture. Prototypes of Smart Plaza are projects such as Zorlu complex in Istanbul and Tokyo Midtown in Tokyo.


Smart Plaza RC opens up new possibilities of housekeeping, working space, sports and recreation. SmartPlaza location is very conveniently connected to key streets of the capital. You can easily get to your office or university, go to a concert, fashion show, gallery, theater, restaurant, or club from the residential complex.


The residential complex includes two modern 24 floors high houses. 1-room, 2-room and multi-level planning of apartments with panoramic windows are brought to the attention of buyers.


Smart Plaza infrastructure is a modern business and entertainment center, supermarket, restaurants, food courts, cafes, fitness center, swimming pool, multi-screen cinema. Security and parking areas will be provided within the inside of the house. There are children's playgrounds set on the roof of the accessible roof for the youngest residents. There will also be green areas and sports facilities - an exclusive for tenants.


The residential complex is just two minutes walk from the Polytechnic Institute metro station -it is an excellent investment for the parents of capital students. Because the country’s largest universities are located in few steps from Smart Plaza (Kyiv).


You can buy an apartment in Smart Plaza by contacting the Sales Center at 26 Peremohy Avenue.


Sales Center phone: (044) 227 40 80