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Residential complex Parkove Misto

Residential complex Parkove Misto

Parkove Misto residential complex has been the leader of the «family dwelling» in the market of Kyiv for several years already.

For a comfortable and secure life for young families with children UDP specially designed and equipped an almost whole area. The project is unique in concept, scope, quality, and the list of life-support systems.

Parkove Misto has combined all the benefits of country and city life. Its highlight is the extensive green spaces, lake cascades, and comfortable seating areas. Thanks to UDP, today this place is a model of harmonious combination of landscape architecture and residential infrastructure. The most landscaped residential complex of Kyiv is located on the unique historic parkland, Christer’s Hill, with a rich nursery of rare trees.

Today, Parkove Misto is among the top three Kyiv residential complexes with the best infrastructure according to the Building. The modern safe playgrounds and sports fields, as well as children’s educational institutions, i.e. the International Children’s School of early development, as well as kindergarten, are built in the complex territory. It also provides shops, banks, pharmacies, beauty salons, restaurants and cafes with terraces, laundry, dry cleaning and clothes mending.

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