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Club House Maristella

Club House Maristella

Buying an apartment in an elite Maristella club house in one of the most prestigious areas of Odessa, at the Great Fountain, is a confirmation of the discerning tastes of buyers. Luxury apartments are located on the Black Sea coast and provide their owners with a consistently high level of chic and comfort. Maristella is only ten meters away from the sea, on the beautiful coast of the South Palmyra. The high class property of Maristella is much more than just luxury housing; it is a unique opportunity to provide the luxury quality of life.

One of the important advantages of the complex is the select circle of the owners of kinship with the similar philosophy of life, interests, as well as increased requirements for the quality of life, emotional and domestic comfort.

For several years, Maristella wins the annual All-Ukrainian prize Luxury Lifestyle Awards for its achievements in the luxury industry in the category of Urban Residential Estate.