Commercial estate


UDP has been building the shopping malls and infrastructure facilities that contribute to the development not only of the city, but also of the entire region. Their distinctive feature is the uniqueness, complexity, scale. The largest shopping and office centers, airport, and innovation park are the UDP objects focused on the formation and development of urban infrastructure and public areas. The projects UDP bring a new era, the city takes on a modern look, laying the foundation for its further progress and development.

Since all UDP objects provide the convenient transport access, contribute to the land development, improvement of existing and creation of new public transport routes.

UDP is an active integrator of solutions in the field of real estate development and commercial real estate. In 2012, the two most anticipated shopping and entertainment centers in Ukraine were opened, the investor of which was UDP development company, namely Ocean Plaza shopping center in Kyiv and MEGANOM shopping and entertaining complex in Crimea. These conceptual designs of UDP are unique to Ukraine.

With the new SEC, in which UDP acts as a project developer, the agreements with a whole list of leading global brands, which have not been presented in the Ukraine, were made.

MEGANOM shopping and entertaining complex, Ocean Plaza shopping center, Kyiv airport — each of these UDP projects is unique and aims at the harmonious development of urban areas, infrastructure, improvement of the quality of life and increase of the investment attractiveness of the city.