Here in UDP we are confident that corporate social responsibility policy must be mandatory put in the basis of the activities of any modern and successful company. 

In its day-to-day operations UDP is governed by principles of social responsibility before the state, society and its personnel. 

Operating basically on the capital real property market, the company has intensely investing in social and infrastructure projects of Kyiv, making a contribution to development of national cultural product, especially cinema.

Since the escalation of situation on the South of Ukraine, UDP has provided systematic and integrated procurement and delivery to the frontline of military protective equipment for special forces’ battalions, air-mobile brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The company also actively supports volunteer initiatives in the country’s rear. Thus, only over the recent months of 2014, UDP procured and delivered as a charity support medical equipment (components for Ilizarov apparatuses) for the National Guard Central Hospital (Kyiv MIA hospital), and also external fixation devices for hospitals of Mariupol and Artemivsk, which render prompt assistance to suffered soldiers and locals. The company also many times rendered financial assistance to wounded soldiers at Kyiv Central Military Hospital of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Basic necessities, namely: warm clothes, personal hygiene products, toys and baby food were procured and delivered by the company’s managers to the children’s residential care facility “Emerald Town” in Slavyanogorsk where live over 500 children, who were moved from occupied territories of Donbas.

Within the framework of a corporate social programme, in 2014 began restoration works of the premise of the Adolescent Socialization Centre at the address: 28v Mayakovski St., Kyiv. Living in a “family dormitory” format, the centre’s alumni, who are kids of critical age categories (between 14 and 18 y.o)., who were for different reasons found themselves on the street without parental care), adapt to normal living, get needed habits in order to take care of themselves in future, and simply can feel warm family atmosphere, psychological comfort.

Moreover, the company’s short-term plans involve to give the alumni of this centre (young people in the age between 16 and 18) to undergo probation in the company, to get their first professional habits guided by the true experts - experienced constructors.

We are not just making declarations about necessity of social projects but turn them into reality.