UDP is the first company which implemented the urban development experience of developed countries in Ukraine, which provides for formation of a modern city with comfortable accommodation.

Today UDP is a developer having sufficient funds for implementation of major projects.

UDP is a city-forming company, which has implemented more than 12 unique objects in the Ukrainian market for 14 years. The company is among the top three market leaders, has the financial opportunities, but most importantly, understands the planning and development of the city in the future.

For more than 12 years of successful work in the market the company created and built:

10,899 m2 of new engineering communications
11,918 m2 territories for sports
18 ha of parks and green areas

and 20,574 m2 of space, which housed schools and kindergartens.

UDP employees are sure that it is one thing to sell the house, and the other to make the people's lives better, more comfortable, easier.

Valeriy Kodetskyi, UDP General Director"It is simply unethical for the developer who cares about its reputation to run the complex of 20 hectares and not provide for its infrastructure. Each of our projects is large-scale and is an example of the complex building with its own concept. Everywhere, along with the construction of homes, we solve a number of infrastructure issues, and not only within, but also outside of our facilities".

Along with residential complexes and other projects, UDP forms a new city, improving streets, laying new communications, asphalting roads, planting trees and gardens, opening schools and kindergartens, and creating a high-quality space for sports.